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About Prefera

Prefera Finance is a Canadian-owned, national finance company that specializes in providing unique finance solutions to Canadians. We work with our partners and customers to understand their needs and provide solutions that fit. Those solutions include innovative point of sale solutions for automotive repairs or working with our partners to provide financing for recreational products such as motorcycles, boats and snowmobiles.

Prefera Recreation Vehicle Financing

Your recreational time shouldn’t be put on hold because the bank won’t give you financing. Prefera is here to help you acquire the recreational vehicle products you want.

At Prefera, while we specialize in approvals for "Good People with Blemished Credit", we have competitive offerings for everyone, with a simpler process and more flexible terms than your bank. Our easy application process, fast loan approvals and low monthly payments are designed to help you achieve your dream purchase. We will set you up with affordable monthly payments that fit within your budget.

At Prefera we offer financing solutions that allow you to start doing, instead of just dreaming.

PreferaVehicle Repair Financing

Your car is a crucial part of your life. You require it to go to work, to take your kids to hockey practice, or to take that special someone out for a special night. But what happens when your vehicle isn’t up to the challenge of daily life and the required repairs start to build up? Traditionally, there were only two ways to pay for an auto repair; an upfront payment in full, or a credit card transaction. What if you don’t have thousands saved up for a rainy day like this? What if you have utilized your entire credit limit already? Don’t put off necessary repairs because it costs too much!

Prefera Finance is now able to offer a third, and much more budget effective solution. For a low monthly cost, Prefera will pay for the repairs on your entire bill, up front, so you can pay small, affordable monthly payments that fit within your budget. The application process is easy, and can be processed and completed within a few minutes, allowing you to get back on the road and back to what is really important in life.

At Prefera, we offer financing solutions for consumer auto repairs, consumer recreation repairs (i.e. motorcycle, boats, etc.) and commercial vehicle repairs.

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